Every Way to Style Outdoor Rugs For a Summer of Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is the perfect time to embrace the joys of outdoor entertaining. Whether you’re planning a casual family dinner on the deck, a celebratory gathering under the stars, or an afternoon BBQ party with all your friends, how you style your outdoor entertaining area makes all the difference. It sets the tone for unforgettable moments and plays a significant role in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. 

The vibrant Neema Modern Indoor Outdoor Rug anchors a small patio space outdoors
A small outdoor entertaining area is no problem when you have a bit of creativity and color! The Neema Modern Indoor Outdoor Rug adds a pop of style to @glamandpanache’s patio.

One easy way to bring your outdoor entertaining area to the next level is to enhance it with the addition of an outdoor rug. More than just visual appeal, outdoor rugs serve functional benefits well beyond what ordinary wooden decking and patio concrete can offer. Plus, they work wonders to optimize space layout for seamless outdoor entertaining.

Join us as we explore the depths of outdoor rugs and how to style them for a summer filled with outdoor entertaining. From subtle convenience to statement-making accent, we’ll discover the versatility and practicality of outdoor rugs in transforming your outdoor space.

The Vidar Tribal Indoor Outdoor Rug anchors a dining table and six blue chairs outdoors
Sizing outdoor rugs for dining areas is the same as sizing them for indoor spaces– your chairs should remain on the rug when they’re pulled out! Photo by @fromdirt2details.

Family Dinner Al Fresco

When it comes to hosting family dinners outside, comfort is key to making your outdoor dining area feel like a true extension of your home. Adding an outdoor rug is one big way to furnish this outdoor entertaining space like you would any room.

Casual and Comfortable

Outdoor rugs can add a layer of coziness to hard outdoor surfaces such as patios or decks. The durable material of outdoor rugs creates a casual, low maintenance way of decorating your outdoor space so that everyone in the family can enjoy it, including kids and pets. 

Indoor Style, Outside

Like indoor spaces, placing a rug can help define a focused outdoor entertaining area that feels like a room without walls. Consider choosing an outdoor rug with indoor-worthy style, such as a pattern or design that echoes your interior décor, to create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.

The Khalo Tribal Indoor Outdoor Rug sets the foundation for outdoor entertaining on a covered patio
Nested tables and comfortable outdoor seating pair well with the Khalo Tribal Indoor Outdoor Rug, setting the ambiance for an afternoon of outdoor entertaining. Photo by @Bejeweled.home.

Celebrate Under the Stars

For special occasions and celebrations held outdoors, you can set the scene and create an ambiance that matches the mood with decor, starting at your feet.  

Set the Scene

Careful placement of an outdoor rug will anchor your outdoor seating area and define the space. Consider rugs with elegant or eye-catching designs–like a bright color or sophisticated pattern–to elevate the experience. 

Elevate the Experience

High-low pile rugs use differences in the height of the pile to create striking patterns. The textured look is a popular way of adding visual interest to indoor décor, and fortunately, many outdoor rugs also feature high-low pile! Place one of these in your outdoor entertaining space for dynamic appeal with tons of style.

A 9x13 Nord Moroccan Indoor Outdoor Rug has plenty of space for guests to sit around an outdoor fireplace on the deck
A large Moroccan indoor-outdoor rug sets the tone for an evening spent on the deck by @therenegadehome’s firepit.

Sunny BBQ Parties

BBQ parties are synonymous with summer, and outdoor rugs can play a significant role in making these gatherings enjoyable and stress-free. 

A Little Mess, No Stress

Yes, you can serve refreshing popsicles and ice cream treats to everyone without worrying about the inevitable drips under the melting heat of the sun. Opt for outdoor rugs which are easy to clean and maintain. Look for materials that are stain-resistant and can withstand spills and messes. Well Woven outdoor rugs are made of durable, stain-resistant materials that can be cleaned with a simple rinse using your garden hose.

Two Medusa Indoor Outdoor Rugs create two distinct seating and areas on a large wooden deck
Two striped area rugs from our Medusa indoor-outdoor rug collection define distinct outdoor entertaining areas on this deck by @alifeunfolding.

Rain or Shine

If you’re an outdoor entertaining enthusiast, you know the party doesn’t stop when it pours. Moisture-resistant outdoor rugs are a must to ensure lasting quality and easy drying. Alternatively, summer means sun in most regions, so outdoor rugs that are UV-protected help ensure colors last, even under ongoing exposure to direct sunlight during long summer days. Outdoor rugs that are moisture-resistant and UV-protected can be confidently placed outside without watching the weather.

Bold Looks for Bold Flavors

To add vibrancy and personality to your BBQ parties, select outdoor rugs with bold patterns or vibrant colors in your outdoor entertaining areas. These vivacious rugs truly reflect the joyful and energetic atmosphere of summer. The Medusa Khalo rug features a dynamic tribal pattern in a bright coral that’s sure to add a splash of style and color to your backyard.

Two lounge chairs by the pool are anchored by the blue Catalina Modern Stripes Rug
Stars & Stripes! The Catalina Modern Stripes Rug lays the foundation for an outdoor entertaining space near @christinestarfish’s pool.

Will You Embrace Outdoor Entertaining with Outdoor Rugs?

Styling outdoor rugs for a summer filled with outdoor entertaining allows you to create a welcoming and comfortable space for family, friends, and special guests with practicality and style. From adding comfort to hard surfaces to incorporating indoor-worthy designs and bold patterns, outdoor rugs have the power to transform your outdoor space into an inviting and visually appealing setting. 

So, as you plan your summer outdoor entertaining, remember to include an outdoor rug as an essential element to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

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