Spring Home Decor: Influencers Embrace Flooring Trends

Spring home decor is all about bringing fresh and inspiring elements into your space for the season. This spring, home decor influencers are showing how to embrace the latest flooring trends and breathe new life into the home. With vibrant colors, natural textures, and bold rug patterns, there’s no shortage of inspiration to update your flooring this spring. Join us as we explore the latest flooring trends and how home decor influencers are using rugs to transform their spaces into bright, stylish, and inviting places to be this spring.

Colorful Rugs

Home decor enthusiast Cindi Morris is adding bold, deep color accents to her living room this spring with the help of vibrant and colorful rugs. 

The Praha rug displayed in a living room setting with plants, two gray sofas, and a shabby chic coffee table. A gallery wall with various art is shown on the back wall.
Flat weave rugs, like the Praha multicolor rug in Cindi’s living room, come in a range of colors and patterns, so you can create the ambiance that fits your home decor style.

While she usually sticks to neutral colors for her furniture and walls, Cindi is embracing the spring home decor trend of embracing rich, saturated tones by incorporating colorful rugs, throws, pillows, and artwork into her space. Her recent installation of hardwood floors throughout the first floor of her home, modern black fireplace, and Dove gray couch have created the perfect neutral backdrop for the Praha, a colorful rug from Well Woven. “I love that color is coming back in rich, saturated tones,” Cindi says. 

Tip! Don’t have a gray couch like Cindi? See which color rug pairs with your sofa.

By keeping larger pieces and paint colors neutral and adding colorful rugs, Cindi has created a balance of comfort and style in her living room that is both on-trend and welcoming. 

So much so that she’s also extended the look to the dining room, too.

The Antigua flatweave rug rests under a large farmhouse style dining room table. Natural light illuminates the space and fresh florals are peppered around the room.
The Antigua Red Flatweave Rug in Cindi’s dining room brings color and light to the space with gorgeous vintage style. Plus, this colorful rug is washable, so it’s low maintenance, even in households with kids and pets.

Affordable Floors

Leslie Axom, the creator behind the home decorating Instagram account @Design2Mine, says that it’s important to keep affordability in mind when it comes to spring home decor this year. Instead of jumping between the latest flooring trends from season to season, which can quickly become outdated and leave you broke, Leslie recommends investing in affordable flooring pieces that have longevity and using them to refresh your home throughout the year.

The Viho rug makes a statement in a southwest-inspired living room.
Leslie’s Viho rug is an excellent example of how to incorporate affordable flooring into your spring home decor without compromising style or quality.

One budget-friendly and eco-friendly option she suggests is to “shop your home” by swapping out rugs from one room to another. Leslie recently moved a tribal rug from her guest room into her living room, creating two new looks that fit both within the southwestern decor style she loves and her budget.

But, don’t stop at rugs! “Even moving furniture, vases, artwork, and pillows around can jazz up your home,” she says.

Textured Rugs

The perfect time to experiment with different textures in your spring home decor is now, and textured rugs are no exception. They can add warmth and coziness to a space while still maintaining a light and airy feel. 

For instance, a plush vintage rug in a soft pastel color can add a cozy touch to a living room or bedroom, while still feeling fresh and spring-like. Additionally, natural textures like jute rugs can add an earthy, organic feel to a room, evoking the feeling of new growth and renewal that is often associated with the season.

A closeup photo of the Elaine rug rolled out in front of an off-white couch and brown leather ottoman.
Textured rugs like the Elaine Vintage Rug can provide a tactile element to a room, adding an extra layer of comfort and warmth underfoot.

This is something that home decorator Justina Chan knows all too well, having recently welcomed both a vintage rug and a jute rug into her new home this spring. Like most people who have experienced a move, Justina is embracing textured rugs in her spring home decor to make her new family’s home feel more comfortable and lived-in, while also exploring the freedom and creativity that comes with decorating a new space.

“We’ve gotten our last few rugs from [Well Woven] not because they’ve gone bad, but because we love trying new ones that inspire new decor ideas. Plus, these days, I love when things ship and we don’t have to go pick them up,” she says, currently pregnant with her first child.

A round jute rug is displayed on a wooden floor in front of an emerald green loveseat sofa.
Natural texture on your floors, like rugs made of jute, can add a relaxed and rustic feel to any space.

Cool Rugs

What makes a rug cool can vary depending on personal taste and current trends, but it often involves unique designs, bold colors or patterns, and high-quality materials that make a statement in a room. In spring home decor this year, we’re seeing an abundance of these cool rugs on the market thanks to collaborations between brands and artists, many of which put unconventional techniques, materials, and sustainability at the forefront of their designs. 

In this vein, Tiffany recently incorporated the Do Good rug from Care Bears by Well Woven into her home. This printed, machine washable rug not only shows off her love for Care Bears but also aligns with her values of bringing in home decor that is mindful and has a sustainable edge.

With these cool rugs, and many others now available, homeowners and renters alike have a plethora of options to add a unique, individualistic touch to their floors this spring.

The Do Good rug from Care Bears by Well Woven is shown in front of a bathtub
Cool rugs can make a statement in a room through unique designs, bold colors, and high-quality materials, setting them apart from conventional options.

Which Flooring Trend Will You Try?

With flooring trends constantly evolving, updating your living space for spring has never been more exciting. A new rug is a great way to incorporate the latest flooring trends and add a touch of personality and style to your home.

So, go ahead, embrace the season of renewal and infuse your home with the energy and joy of spring home decor. 

Happy decorating!

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