Well Woven Collaborates with Data Humanist Giorgia Lupi to Unveil Unraveling Stories Rugs

New York, NY —October 3, 2023— Well Woven announces the launch of its newest collaboration with award-winning data humanist and artist Giorgia Lupi. 

Giorgia Lupi has become known for her creative approach to data visualization, blending art and information in a unique, storytelling format. In her first rug collaboration with Well Woven, Giorgia’s human approach to design shines through. The new rug, named Unraveling Stories, features a pattern inspired by 59 lost and endangered textile-making techniques, as documented in UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Every Unraveling Stories rug is washable and features a vibrant, geometric pattern reminiscent of those seen during the Bauhaus modern art movement of the 1920’s. The rug features a durable, flat woven pile and is available in a variety of sizes and two colorways. But Unraveling Stories rugs are more than just decorative. The rug pattern visualizes the where, the why, and the heritage of 59 lost and endangered textile making techniques. Each Unraveling Stories rug comes with a diagram affixed to the rug’s backing to help consumers understand the underlying visual story told by the rug.

“Data is more than art and numbers; it’s a language that tells stories,” said Adem Ogunc, CEO of Well Woven. “Giorgia Lupi’s unique vision allows us to tell the rich stories of textile history through her innovative data visualization techniques.”

On the collaboration with Well Woven, Giorgia Lupi says, “I love working on data art that people will get to actually interact with on a daily basis. Bringing a data-driven rug into your home infuses your space with the story contained within that data represented in that rug.” Lupi’s work encompasses fine art, books, public speaking, and design consulting as a partner with Pentagram. “I see the world through a lens of data, so I am always pleased when I can help data stories play a small part in the lives of others. The collaboration with Well Woven was incredibly exciting!”

To dive into the Unraveling Stories rug collection or for more information on this groundbreaking collaboration, visit wellwoven.com or contact sales@wellwoven.com.

About Giorgia Lupi (Pentagram)

Information designer Giorgia Lupi is renowned for her creative approach to data visualization, blending art and information in a unique, storytelling format. Giorgia holds a Master’s degree in architecture and a PhD in information mapping. She co-founded Accurat, a data-driven research and design firm, in 2011. She joined design firm Pentagram as a partner in 2019 and has since created visually captivating data experiences with her team for international giants like Google, IBM, and Starbucks, as well as cultural institutions like MoMA and TED. She’s also authored two books: “Dear Data” (2016) and “Observe, Collect, Draw! A Visual Journal” (2018). Explore her work at giorgialupi.com.

About Well Woven

Well Woven designs affordable rugs for the modern home. The New York-based company was co-founded in 2014 to make accessible rugs that look and feel good. Using proprietary techniques, Well Woven creates contemporary and classic designs with modern materials, so you can find the rug that fits your decor style and lifestyle. To find out more, visit wellwoven.com. For wholesale inquiries, please visit wwoven.com, or email sales@wwoven.com.





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